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Read What Dog Lover's Are Saying About This Course

"I have a Golden Retriever and he's my best friend.  I chose this course because of the name.  The course proved to be really fun and simple to do. I highly recommend My Dog."

Connie, Los Angeles

"Thank you. With all the schools to choose from, how could I pass up one called My Dog?  Great course.  Keep up the good work." 

Larry, Phoenix, AZ

"Just too cute.  Loved the dog theme.  It made the course quick and simple.  I also checked around and found the price one of the lowest available.  I am very satisfied and would definitely recommend.  Thank you."

Kristine, Modesto

"Loved the dog theme.  Fast, simple and inexpensive. I really liked how you could go back and retake all the quizzes."

Mark, Temecula

"Actually, I just chose a course from the court list.  I took another course a few years back and didn't particularly like it.  I thought this course was easy to navigate, well organized and fun.  I recommend this course to others who want a good way to take traffic school."

Raj, San Francisco

"I admit it, I procrastinated to the last day and was very concerned I wouldn't have enough time to complete a course.  I called your sales department and the representative explained everything to me and laid out the steps necessary to get the course finished on time.  I really appreciate the professionalism.  I followed the steps and finished on time.  I can't thank you enough."

Donna, Roseville

"Last time I got a ticket, I went to a Saturday classroom course.  That was a complete waste of time.  I decided to take an internet course this time and stumbled across My Dog Traffic School.  Excellent choice. Loved the stuff on Dogs.  Highly recommended."

Gregory, Palo Alto

"Great helpful friendly support. I'm not really good with computers but the customer service staff assured me it would be easy and fun.  I was able to complete the course and get a certificate. This course was so easy to use and I had fun too. Your support department was very patient and helpful."

Jackie, Rancho Bernardo

"I really enjoyed the flexibility and how I could work around my 4 year olds schedule.  Thanks for making this course available and taking a lot of stress off my shoulders."

Claudio, Fresno

"I found this course very competitive in price and very enjoyable to do.  Working around my work schedule was the best part.  I hope I never get another ticket but if I do, I will definitely take this course again.  Thank you"

Min, Fremont, CA