Privacy Statement

Information You Provide

You may place an order with My Dog Traffic School, which requires you to provide some personal information during the registration process.

Parties That May See Your Information

My Dog Traffic School is required to share some of your information with third parties in certain circumstances. These third parties include, but are not limited to, credit card processing and credit card vendors, court personnel, and any governmental agencies authorized to see your information (e.g the Court).

Your Credit Card Information

My Dog Traffic School does not store the credit card information you provide, which helps protect that sensitive information from identity theft. My Dog Traffic School must ask one or more third party companies to process your credit card transaction. My Dog Traffic School provides your credit card information to a credit card processing company using the strongest available electronic encryption methods. That processor completes your transaction, and will then charge your credit card. My Dog Traffic School cannot control how such third parties might use your credit card data, and does not have any liability for any way they use your information. The risk involved is no worse than what you would expect at any retail establishment.  If this still bothers you, consider paying via an alternative method like check, postal money order or bank money order. Also consider purchasing a prepaid Visa/MC from a retail location.


My Dog Traffic School, may maintain a record of any correspondence. My Dog Traffic School can use that information to reply to emails.


My Dog Traffic School can collect and analyze information from prospects and customers in aggregate or statistical measures.